Hear me out Texas, I know that a lot of us are beginning to feel very crowded, especially knowing now people from other states, like California are wanting to make the great state their home. We are one of the largest states in the country and one of the best places to live in my opinion. That is why I think Texas needs to welcome  Disney to Texas! I’m not exactly sure who I need to contact, but if someone could pass this open letter to Mickey Mouse or Walt Disney that would be great. I have three good reasons why the magical theme park would fit perfectly here in the great state. For starters, it allows more individuals the opportunity to have jobs, and any time the opportunity for employment is a possibility, I’m here for it.

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Thomas Paradiso
Thomas Paradiso

Keep in mind people of Disney, you’re probably thinking this optimistic writer must want us to put a theme park in one of the major cities in Texas, and if that’s what you thought you’d be wrong. Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio have Six Flags in all different forms. Needless to say, Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes gang have the big cities on lock. I was thinking more of the areas of Lampasas, Texas. Lampasas, Texas, which is located in Lampasas County has only a population of 7291 according to the census in 2020. Lampasas is one of those towns that is known for its beautiful parks and sceneries, but I feel like it would be the perfect place to set up shop for Disney.



1. The Mickey Mouse Club (1955)

Another good reason why the state of Texas and specifically Central Texas deserves a Disney would be because of Fort Cavazos. The largest base in the US is right here in Texas, which means hundreds and thousands of families would enjoy the magical kingdom of Disney. Last but not least, who wouldn’t want Disney in their backyard? Every little boy and girl grows up and wants to be either a princess or prince and that’s because of Disney. Bringing that magical park to the great state of Texas again offers employment, smiles, and dreams coming true. I know it’s a long shot, but as the saying goes at Disney, I believe in Magic.

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