Before the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks won their respective conference title games, a few friends went in on the $44 to register the domain name That decision seems to be paying off for them as they're now selling hats and shirts that spoof the upcoming big game that feature 2 teams from the 2 states that have legalized marijuana.

One of the shirts features the Lombardi trophy re-imagined as a bong. Another is a play off of the NFL logo. Instead of NFL, the logo features THC.

You can't log on to the ol' interweb without seeing some form of Super Bowl parody, in relation to marijuana. Might as well join the movement and get your Stoner Bowl gear just in time for the big game.

Pot may be a gateway drug...but it turns out it's the gateway to the Super Duper Bowl! []

Oh yeah, don't forget your snacks. Gotta have the grub to take care of the munchies any time you have a super....bowl.


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