It's been bothering me for weeks now.  That commercial for NFL 'Play 60' that airs during almost every NFL game.  It's that song.  You can't quite make out the lyrics but it sounds like 'Who's gonna get you back on the bus?' shouted over and over to a very infectious beat.

It's so infectious that the NFL players that are on the bus, along with kids on their way to exercise, are all bobbing their heads to the beat.

You can find anything on the internet, and it turns out the group is called ' The Go! Team' and the song is titled 'The Power Is On'.  They're a British indie group and the song is on their album 'Thunder, Lightning, Strike'.  And now you know.

By the way, those are members of the Atlanta Falcons team and coaching staff riding the bus with the kids.  And the message is a positive one.  Every body needs to get moving and exercise.  That includes all of us, not just the kids!  Here's the video:  (via

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