The more I read expert opinions on what is going on with the Eblola virus in the U.S., the more I believe that anything could happen. So here is what the CDC is now saying about "Ebola".

The government tells us that the U.S. is equipped to handle Ebola, but then a healthcare worker contracts the disease while caring for the patient that was in Dallas following protocol and precedures set by the CDC.

Some say it is not airborne, some say it is... (I am no scientist, but a sneeze travels at 100MPH, and the "spray" travels more than 5 feet... in the AIR!) So, I am not sure of what the CDC definition of airborne is. Either way, if it can enter thru the airway, I say that is airborne, and just as with any other virus, the more it spreads, and mutates, it will only get worse.

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