William DuVall, the singer who replaced the late Layne Staley in Alice in Chains, has revealed how he was once racially profiled by California police. The incident, he says, took place five years ago at his own home.

UPDATE: When we first published this story, it was our incorrect understanding that this incident took place yesterday - Dec. 4, 2014. We have since corrected the story to reflect the fact that it happened five years ago.

According to a tweet that DuVall, who is black, posted, the police stopped the singer as he was pulling into his West Hollywood garage.

Two days ago, DuVall was on Twitter sharing his opinion on the Eric Garner case, in which a black man died while a New York City policeman had him in a chokehold.

DuVall joined Alice in Chains in 2006, and has appeared on the band's last two albums, 2009's 'Black Gives Way to Blue' and last year's 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.'

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