A woman whose husband refuses to help wrap holiday presents gets her revenge by having an affair every Christmas.

The woman, Katie, told The Mirror that her annual affair is a way for her to "take control" of the holiday season and add a little extra "cheer" to her Christmas.

Katie justified her pursuit of a "holidate" by claiming her husband works long hours and neglects her needs during the holiday season.

"He doesn't even notice if I get my hair cut or am wearing a new top, let alone when I'm out of the house," Katie told the tabloid, adding she gets a "thrill from cheating."

"No matter how many times I've done it, I still get nervous every time, so it's a massive adrenaline rush," she shared, revealing she finds her holiday flings Illicit Encounters, a U.K.-based dating site that connects married people to people who are interested in having discrete affairs.

"I still remember my first boyfriend. We'd met on Illicit Encounters and had planned to go to the Christmas Light switch-on in his local town. Nothing too serious, just one evening in the week," Katie shared.

Since that first date five years ago, cheating has become a holiday tradition for Katie, one she believes is mutually beneficial for both herself and her husband, since he gets the space he wants during the holidays.

"I like to think of it as taking control. He mopes about the house, groans at any mention of Christmas activities — he never wants to do anything festive. Why should I suffer for that? This way, we're both happy. I get my kiss under the mistletoe, he gets his pint down the pub and doesn't get dragged around to celebrations he doesn't want to be at," she told the tabloid.

"This is just my own little Christmas tradition, my treat to myself. Some people do Christmas cards, a trip to the church on Christmas Eve, but I join Illicit Encounters and find myself a winter boyfriend," Katie added.

According to The Mirror, Katie has five rules for her "winter boyfriends."

First, there can be "no strings" attached. "If he's in it to catch feelings, it's not going to work," she said.

In addition, there can be "no messaging after hours" and gifts are not allowed.

"I want to go out and see things, not have material gifts I have to hide [or] can't explain to my husband," Katie shared.

Katie also never shares her full name or where she lives.

And finally, once the holiday season is over, so is their Christmas love affair.

"Post January, I will block them on any channel I'm talking to them on. They have to be OK with that," Katie said.

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