Back to school means it's time to go back to the ATM.

Blogger Susannah Lewis is going viral for her rant about the cost of school supplies. And we're not talking outrageous textbook prices for college students, either. Lewis, who has younger kids (she says one is 11), claims she coughed up a total of 700 bucks on supplies.

She's really ticked off about having to get a pair of four-inch binders that are so large "she's gonna have to take a U-Haul to school." She's also hopping mad about graphic calculators, which "cost more than a fully loaded Kia." The prices have gotten so much that she says she can't pay her light bill for the month, which, ironically, will result in the inability to do homework.

It sure sounds like the days of showing up to school with a Trapper Keeper and a few pens is over. The checklist of what you need is longer than the one you need when going out of the country.

What do you think? Has buying school supplies gotten too expensive? What items do you think cost an unnecessary fortune? Do you actually purchase everything you're told to or do you ignore any of the recommendations?

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