Well Christmas is over and you might not have gotten the exact gift you did but I hope it was better than this lady's. Hers was so bad she went all crazy and is now in jail.A wife in Ohio set fire to her husbands new truck because he gave her some lousy gifts for Christmas. They are crappy gifts, I have to admit, but I'm not sure I would have gone to the extreme she did in showing my outrage.

So what were these gifts? A crock pot and a set of naughty lingerie. That is all. (I laugh as I type this). She was booked for arson, assault (she threw the crock pot at him) and using foul language in public. He walks away with a black eye and no truck. That'll teach him.

I thought it was always supposed to be the thought that counted. He clearly thinks she is an awesome cook and has a rockin' body that should be exploited. Maybe he should have gone with the vacuum cleaner; that might not have sucked as bad.

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