There are tons of things we love about America. Our grand ole’ country cranks out hysterical, nightmare-inducing shows about mini pageant queens and we throw Big Bird into the political scene, for example. But our recent discovery tops them all-- ladies and gentlemen, we live in the presence of the most recent world champion pumpkin grower.

Over in California, the “world championship pumpkin weigh-off” took place on Monday, and it was awesome, to say the least. Super massive squashes from all over the world were brought to the town of Half Moon Bay, the self-proclaimed “World Pumpkin Capital," where pumpkin experts gathered for some pretty stiff competition.

Clocking in at a cool 1,775 pounds, the winning pumpkin was the pride and joy of Oregon native, Thad Starr. He scored $10,650, but the best part is that he had his two young kids cheering him on. (Though he did score a lower prize than the Rhode Island man who won the title of "world's heaviest pumpkin.")

Can you imagine how cool it would be to have a giant pumpkin grower as a dad?!

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