Yes have weathered seemingly innumerable lineup changes over the years, but even they can't play their way through an honest-to-goodness storm.

The band's scheduled appearance at the Zoo Amphitheatre in Oklahoma City last night had to be called off due to heavy rain in the area, with the venue telling ticket-holders to stay home before announcing that the date had been canceled and all purchases would be refunded.

Pulling the plug on the show wasn't just a case of playing it safe, either. As seen in a video posted to Carl Palmer's Facebook page — with a caption quipping that canoes were required to get off the stage — you can see just how bad the storm got at the venue, with chairs partially submerged in rainwater.

Local news reports reinforce the seriousness of the storm, pointing out that residents were urged to avoid traveling during the downpour. Despite a number of road closures, some drivers decided to press their luck, and at least 10 ended up stuck.

"My car stopped," one driver told reporters. "It stalled out completely 100 percent. … when we drove through water and then other people started driving through, it started pushing water into my car."

Safely out of Oklahoma City, the band's current Yestival tour is scheduled to move on to Texas and then further west, entering the home stretch of a series of dates that wraps up in New York on Sept. 19. Visit the band's website for complete details and ticketing information.

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