It looks like ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill isn't quite well enough to strap his instrument back on full-time just yet.

Hill, who dislocated his shoulder in April, has mended enough to resume playing — but as a recent Facebook post from the group makes clear, he hasn't finished his rehab, and will need to make some adjustments during their summer tour.

"This summer, ZZ Top returns to the stage with Billy and Frank and Dusty while 'The Dust' adds his rarified bass-keyboard chops to the extended stage show," reads the announcement. "Although the fearless Dusty encountered a brief injury with a roughed-up shoulder, the recovery is in high gear. Dusty will swap between his electric 4-string guitar and a custom bass-keyboard for this outing. Dusty's no stranger to pounding of the ivories harkening back to the Eliminator favorites 'Velcro Fly' and 'TV Dinners.' The band plans to crank it up again with their patented brand of blues and boogie with Dusty's new twist on keys as the bonus."

7/3 Update: TMZ has obtained two photos of Dusty's new keyboards, which as you can imagine have been tricked out with chrome and fur. You can see them at

As fans are aware, Hill has a history of being somewhat accident-prone. Years ago, he infamously shot himself in the stomach, and in more recent years, he's endured a number of painful touring setbacks. Surgery forced him to delay the start of the group’s summer run in 2014, and the band ultimately had to cut that year’s activities short after Hill fell down on the tour bus.

It's worth noting that ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons has some recent practice playing without a bassist. On his 2015 solo tour, his lineup included two drummers, a percussionist and two organists — but no bass player.

Finally, in other band-related news, the members of ZZ Top have issued a public statement on the recent death of their longtime manager Bill Ham. Though the group parted ways with Ham a decade ago, they haven't forgotten his early — and very effective — influence on their career.

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