Not many people like to buy whole albums anymore, and that's partially because digital music is focused on singles...and since we entered the digital age, a lot of albums are just rushed out with a ton of filler.

So, today I have a list of albums that some people think have NO filler...and are packed with great songs from beginning to end. Here are 12:

1.  "Kind of Blue", Miles Davis, 1959

2.  "Illinois", Sufjan Stevens, 2005

3.  "De-Loused in the Comatorium", The Mars Volta, 2003

4.  "Revolver", The Beatles, 1966

5.  "2001", Dr. Dre, 1999

6.  "Jar of Flies", Alice in Chains, 1994

7.  "Lateralus", Tool, 2001

8.  "Siamese Dream", Smashing Pumpkins, 1993

9.  "Rumours", Fleetwood Mac, 1977

10.  "Boston", Boston, 1976

11.  "OK Computer", Radiohead, 1997

12.  "Graceland", Paul Simon, 1986

It's worth noting that there aren't many recent albums on this list. There are no albums from the past nine years, when digital music really took over.

Still, the list does seem skewed toward modern albums...and probably should have more than one album from the '60s and '80s, and more than two from the '70s. On the plus side, it's nice that multiple genres are represented.

(You can find the list in a slideshow, here.)

Is there an album you think deserves to be on this list? Or do you believe one of these albums should NOT be considered "flawless"? If so, leave a comment in the Facebook box below and make your case!