A while back, we told the story of 12-year old Maddy Blythe, a 7th grade girl who was kicked off the football team at a Christian middle school in Georgia, basically because she's a girl. This young lady didn't take the news well, and neither did the tens of thousands of supporters she gained across the country.

As the new school year fast approaches, Maddy and her mother, Cassy, were faced with the decision. She could stay at the school that won't let her play football and follow their rules, or leave for another Christian school, public school or homeschooling. Maddy made it clear that her choice was thoroughly mulled over:

"I would be a hypocrite if I continue to go there with their current policy in place. It's still hard to leave my friends but I know in the end I will be better for it. Out of my...choices, I had to find out the one that would help me excel.".

Very mature and well thought out. Remind yourself that Maddy is making this major life decision at the age of twelve!

"Academics come first in our house, so sports and extracurricular and all that of course comes second. I did some research...spoke to a couple of students and professors from major colleges. Several or more recommended online homeschooling programs that  would eventually lead to something called 'dual enrollment' which is where you can go to college and high school at the same time."

She did research. When I was 12, I never would have thought of talking to college students and professors. But she did, and came to her ultimate conclusion. By this point, I'm fully confident that this young lady is going to make the best possible decision.

"I know I want to become an attorney. So I really need to get the best academics I can, so a homeschooling program would be the best, and that is my final decision."

Cassy says she is impressed with her pre-teen daughter. Maddy was given the right to make the decision for herself, with little or no influence from her mom.

"She came up with a really good choice and I'm proud of her because she put a lot of her personal feelings aside and focused on what's going to make her the best that she can be, so I am very very very proud of my daughter.".

Maddy is an impressive young lady. Strong Rock Christian Middle School is losing a class act and a kid who is likely going to grow up to be an amazing contributor to the world. If you'd like, you can send Maddy a message of encouragement on her 'Let Her Play' Facebook page.