42-year-old Madelyn Sheaffer was trying to beat the heat the other day at a water park, when staff at the park said her bikini was to revealing. What do you think?

The incident occurred at the Adventure Oasis Park in Independence Missouri, near Kansas City. Sheaffer was asked to put on some shorts to cover up and she refused stating that other female patrons of the park were wearing just as little as she was. So, she was asked to leave. She feels she was singled out and discriminated against because of her age. She told a Kansas City news station,

You know, there's 16 to 18-year-old girls wearing just the same amount and no one is criticizing them or making them feel ashamed, or making them feel uncomfortable in there bodies."

Ms. Sheaffer filed a police complaint against the park, but the city claims that the park manager made the decision and they could find no evidence of discrimination.