On July 15th the Atlanta Zoo and parents, Lun Lun & Yang Yang welcomed twin panda babies, both boys. These are the first panda babies born this year in the US and it's the first twins to be born since 1987. They will go on display later this year but for now you can view them via Panda Cam. You also have the opportunity to name the babies, who currently go by Cub A & Cub B.

I ran across the Panda Cam and well, I'm a sucker for baby animals, and I know you guys are as well. I read up on the babies progress and watched as mom and baby slept.

It surprised me just how small they are when born in relation to how big they end up as adults. When born they weigh only about 4 oz. (that's a 1/4 of a pound) by the time they turn 1 year old they will weigh around 50-60 lbs.

Lun Lun & Yang Yang are both 15 years old and this is their 4th & 5th babies. All were born through artificial insemination. Mei Lan was their first born in 2006, she now resides in China. There are also brothers, Xi Lan who is 4 and Po who is 2. Lun Lun is a great mom, zoo officials say, but she's never had twins. That is why they rotate the cubs out; to make sure each one gets the proper attention they deserve.

The cubs will not receive official names until they are 100 days old, as according to Chinese custom. This is where you can get involved. Good Morning America is offering you the chance to help name the cubs. The Atlanta Zoo and it's Chinese counterpart will select 10 names and viewers of the show will have a chance to vote on the 2 names they feel best fit the baby pandas.

They don't do a whole lot just yet. But you can see what a great mom Lun Lun is and watch as she gently cares for her new cubs. As for the cubs, they are beginning to move around a little more than they did even 2 weeks ago. Like kids, they grow fast so check them out now!

Watch mom and the twins on Panda Cam and see photo updates on Instagram.

What would you name the two babies? Let us know in the comments section below.