The ABC 'hidden camera' show called "What Would You Do?" has covered a variety of sensitive topics before. In this video, they took their cameras to a deli where a young man made nasty remarks about a Muslim worker. The Muslim and 'racist' were actors, but everyone else wasn't. What you'll witness when watching this video will definitely make you proud to be an American.

The majority of the people that witnessed this young man make derogatory remarks towards the Muslim actually told the kid off and stood up against the inflammatory remarks. However, there was one jackhole that went along with the racism and fueled the fire. I'm sure karma will meet up with him one day. At least I hope it does.

What's really heartwarming happens at the 4:45 mark. An American Soldier came into the deli and gave that racist kid a piece of his mind, then later denied doing anything heroic. I disagree. He's definitely a hero, as are the rest that stand up against discrimination.

Watch the powerful video here: