A new commercial for Budweiser features a brief cameo from Axl Rose. The spot, called 'The Greatest Show on Earth,' also uses a remixed version of a Guns N' Roses classic.

The nearly two-and-a-half minute ad was created to coincide with the World Cup, which gets underway in Brazil today (June 12). It stars four internationally known soccer players - Maya Yoshida (Japan), Gary Cahill (England), Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon) and Hulk (Brazil) - as members of a band. They're hanging out backstage until their manager tells them it's time to perform.

They hit the stage of the stadium to the familiar riff from 'Paradise City,' but then Eto'o, the talented but famously temperamental striker, begins to rap new lyrics over the track. Towards the end, at the 2:07 mark, Hulk throws a guitar pick into the crowd, where it is caught by Rose.

The 2014 World Cup runs through July 13, so be prepared to see this commercial -- or more likely an edited version of it -- repeatedly over the next month.