In Fairness, the title "Best Drumline Ever" is based on the drumlines that I have seen, but still this band is awesome! All drummers need to watch this, and comment.

Not just drummers, but anybody that ever played in a marching band would appreciate how much work these drummers put into this bit. Yes, the uniforms are lame, but still... WOW is the best word I can come up with. Meet the "Top Secret Drum Corp" from Basel Switzerland

I was in the marching band in High School, we were a "Military Band", with straight lines, sharp movements, etc., not like the "show bands" a lot of schools now have. I enjoy watching my youngest march, they have a great band, and I have seen some pretty flashy stuff at her competitions, but I still think this drumline has got to be one of the best ever...(other than the uniforms). What about you?