One of the best ways to celebrate the holiday season is by reading a few timeless Christmas stories. We mean the ones we read as kids and know by heart: 'The Night Before Christmas,' 'The Nutcracker' and, probably our favorite, Dr. Seuss's 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.' Because there's nothing more festive than an ugly green guy having a change of heart and reluctantly getting into the festive spirit. Classic.

Having our parents re-read these stories to us is probably the greatest way to go about it, but that might be a little weird at our age. Luckily, we have Big Boi from OutKast to entertain us with the story of Cindy Lou Who and the big bad Grinch. (Naturally, his version is also slightly NSFW.)

Big Boi brings exactly what the story has been missing all these years: extra 'tude. He performs the story like the smooth dude he is, occasionally breaking out into a Grinch rap and serenading us with his ultra casual holiday cheer.

Now can we get Andre 3000's version of 'The Christmas Shoes'?