In the latest ad campaign for the 2014 Nissan Sentra, the feel-good sounds of Billy Idol's 'Mony Mony' are placed front-and-center. The main character in the commercial is seen syncing up his smartphone to his car audio system, and Idol's hit blares out of the car's Bose speakers. As he drives around town, everybody within earshot -- from schoolkids to tatted up dudes -- sing along with him.

'Mony Mony' was originally a big hit for Tommy James and the Shondells, hitting No. 3 on the Billboard chart back in the Spring of 1968. It became the fourth biggest hit of James' career, sliding in just behind 'Crimson and Clover,' 'Crystal Blue Persuasion' and the chart-topping 'Hanky Panky.'

Idol's version first appeared on his debut solo release, the 'Don't Stop' EP. But when issued as a single at the time, it flopped, not even making the Top 100. It wouldn't be until a live version was released as a single in 1987 that Idol would hit gold with the song, making its way all the way up to No. 1.

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