If you've never been to Canton, Texas and taken in the First Monday Trade Days you have no idea what you are missing out on. Canton is located in East Texas between Dallas and Tyler. The trade days are a great way to find antiques, one of kind arts and crafts, eat fun food, and spent the day with family and friends.

I went, for the first time, a few years ago and found some cute clothes, jewelry and even some antique dolls to add to my collection. You can find anything at the trade days. As my grandmother used to say 'if you can't find it there, then you don't need it'!

The trade days first took place back in the mid 1800's. The first Monday of the month was when people from all around came to town to conduct their business so vendors would set up their goods to sell. Farmers would bring in produce, handmade items and livestock to sell or trade. Today the trade days take place Thursday-Sunday prior to the first Monday of each month; although they have kept the name 'First Monday Trade Days'.

Fall is a great time to head to the trade days because the weather is cooler and you start picking up some great Christmas gifts. Also, wear really comfortable shoes, because you will be walking; a lot! Take a wagon or a pull cart of some kind to carry your purchases in; you will get tired of carrying everything in your arms. (They also have carts you can rent/purchase on premises). Those are some personal tips but here are a list of some other tips to know before you go.

The trade days isn't the only reason to visit Canton, though. The town in nestled into the piney woods of East Texas with rolling hills surrounding it. There are also great bed and breakfasts in the area and some wonderful antiques and shopping off the flea market square. So if you are looking for a quiet getaway or a fun day of shopping think about visiting Canton for your next day trip or weekend stay.