"When the album of life finally reaches the end wouldn't it be nice to have that record spinning for eternity?" AndVinyl.com, a website that offers the opportunity to have your ashes pressed into a vinyl record, poses that question. That's right, you can be laid to rest spinning at 33 1/3 rpm!

This website lets you use 24 minutes (12 per side) of your own music soundtrack, leave behind personal messages, audio of your last will and testament, music or leave it blank so loved ones can hear that beautiful, soothing crackle of a needle running through the grooves of a record. As for licensed recordings, And Vinyl takes no responsibility for copyright violations.

Your eternal LP cover comes standard with your name, date of birth and date of passing, but can be more personalized with a portrait. You can either use an existing photo or have a 1-hour sitting with an artist who will paint your portrait with acrylic and ash (that's right, your ashes) on canvas. The appointment needs to take place while you're still alive (otherwise, we're getting into a really creepy area). You can also make your own album cover suggestions.

The cost of having your ashes pressed into vinyl? The basic package, which includes 30 copies ash-pressed vinyl records and a non-portrait cover will set you back about $4,500. You'll have to pay an additional $5300 for the cover portrait, and another $500 if you want to schedule a sitting.

Never mind the corniness of the actual website, featuring a grim reaper with eyes lit up red, headphones on, holding an LP record and portable player. Try not to think about the cheesy puns on the page, like "Live from beyond the groove!". This is a really unique way of saving the memory of a loved one who loves music - especially vinyl.