Holy smokes, Batman! This classic Batgirl makes us want to dust off our old comic books with her retro take on one of our favorite heroines/sidekicks.

Today's cosplay is a reader submission from Teri Standiford, a comic book fan from Florida who really knows how to bring comic book characters to life. Browsing her Facebook and DeviantArt pages, you'll find her cosplays of Lady Deadpool, Green Lantern,  and this perfectly simple Batgirl. Sometimes it's the most simple cosplays that are the most difficult to pull off, but we admire Teri's straight-forward take on Batgirl, which looks like she just walked right out of a comic book.

It's bright and colorful and kind of playful at the same time -- and a big part of cosplay is capturing the spirit and showing your fandom. You can have all the bells and whistles and painstaking detail, but what is any of it without really loving the character you're portraying? We can tell Teri loves Batgirl just by looking at these great photos she sent us, including one with her cosplaying friends as Joker, Harley Quinn and Robin.

Check out some pics of Teri as Batgirl below, or head over to her Facebook page to see more.

Do you have cosplay photos you would like to submit for consideration? E-mail to staff [at] screencrush.com!