What's more troublesome than one Batman villain? Two Batman villains, of course. It's always more dangerous when the Dark Knight's foes combine forces, but the cosplay is always so much cooler.

Lhars Ebersold and her friend Taffeta Darling cosplayed as the Riddler and Two-Face, respectively, for a comic convention last year. Yep, that's right, you're looking at two ladies cosplaying as two male Batman villains -- that's two Rule 63s for the price of one.

Lhars' Riddler costume is beautiful and simple, going for a more retro streamlined approach to Batman's enigmatic foe. Taffeta goes all out, embracing the wild-eyed side of Two-Face, really going nuts with the hair and makeup, but also keeping things pretty classic and colorful. Both ladies look like they belong on the pages of a Batman comic book, and they prove that sometimes sticking to something straightforward and classic can be just as great as something complex. And we don't doubt that both of these ladies put immense effort into their cosplays.

Lhars and Taffeta are inspiring cosplayers, who've also covered characters from movies like 'Spaceballs' and 'Blade Runner.' To see more of their work, check out Lhars and Taffeta's Facebook pages.

Steven Elliott Hendrix Photography
Ken Pearson
Ken Pearson
Lhars Ebersold

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