David Lee Roth doesn't mince words when it comes to what's kept Van Halen from playing Australia in recent years. The group announced they'll play the Stone Festival in Sydney this April. Roth suggests they'd tour the world regularly if it were up to him.

"They (Alex and Eddie Van Halen) have approached their life from a much more traditional standpoint," Roth tells the Age. "They have families, they celebrate birthdays, they sleep regular hours more often than not. I'm truly a wanderer.''

"In the days back when, we would come off the road after a full year out, I would walk straight through to the international terminal and head for an adventure," the noted outdoor enthusiast tells the Daily Telegraph. "I have earned the stars and scars."

The flamboyant frontman admits that Eddie and Alex are coming around to his way of thinking, although they may stop short of naming their penises. That's right, David Lee Roth has named his penis 'Elvis.' "Actually I think it was (ex-girlfriend) Stacey who did," he tells the Daily Telegraph. "You think I'm kidding?"

"I myself am a traveler. And let me carry with that an explanation that all those who wander are not necessarily lost. I'm calling you from Tokyo, in fact." The Age reports Roth lives in Tokyo these days, where he's learning Japanese, sword play and fine arts.