Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg has introduced some radical new changes to the "news feed". This is the biggest change to Facebook since the introduction of the "timeline" in 2011.

The new "news feed" is designed for stronger consistency with all devices, laptop, pads, phones, etc... There is a bigger emphasis on photos, and images making the 'news feed" much more visual.

Users will also have access to more types of feeds, and control over how they view their customized feeds. Feeds can be created for "friends", "music", "photos" and more. People that hate the way that facebook sorts the news feed now, will be able to change it to "chronological" among other settings... cool.

There are some shades of Instagram, and Google+ in the mix, and there has been talk that advertisers were pushing for a lot of the changes being made.


So, with so many of us on Facebook we wanted your thoughts...