We all know that texting while driving could be a very dangerous situation.  In fact, that is one of the most hated things about driving in Abilene.  While texting and walking may not be as dangerous, it could still jack you up pretty good depending on where you are walking while you text. Take these videos for instance.

We've all done it, and continue to do it.  Heck, I was texting someone the other day while walking from my living room to the kitchen and almost took out my knees on the coffee table.  Most of the time, it's running into a wall, or tripping over something.  But, in these videos, you'll see how it could turn into a very dangerous situation.

In one, you'll see a lady texting as she falls into a canal, and in another one,  you'll see a man almost walk into a bear.  Yes, you read right - a bear!  Now, while texting and walking can be dangerous, I think we can all agree they can also be pretty dang funny (unless, of course, somebody gets hurt).

On to the videos.

Woman Walks Into Canal While Texting

Woman Walks Into Garage Door While Texting

Lady Falls While Texting Live on the News

Guy Almost Walks Into a Bear While Texting

Women Walks Into Fountain While Texting

If those videos are not enough to keep you from texting while walking, maybe this video will do the trick.

Walking While Texting Parody PSA

So, do you do a lot of texting while walking?  What are some other things you shouldn't do while texting?