Star Wars fans, hold on to your light sabers because it appears the dark side of the force has it's on Hot Wheels car. Check out the life-sized 'Darth Vader' car.

According to Hot Wheels' YouTube channel, this car comes equipped with LS3 engine that cranks out 526 horsepower. In addition, the car has custom red line tires and heavy breathing sounds of Vader himself.

The car was unveiled at the recent Comic-Con in California. In fact, you can check out some of the pictures from unveiling below courtesy of Hot Wheels' Instagram page.

As a huge Star Wars fan myself, especially Darth Vader, I can't tell you how much I want this car. Maybe I should start up a Kickstarter campaign? Unfortunately, there is no word yet on if and when anyone can buy the life-sized car. But, you will be able to get the toy version of the car, complete with special light sabre package sometime in October.