A standoff in Sweetwater, Texas ended when police shot and killed the suspect who was accused of stealing construction equipment on Thursday (June 27). As the events unfolded, one of our listeners captured the situation with some pictures, and a short video of the standoff.

I was looking out my office window when a swarm of police cars, including an armored vehicle, were hauling tail passed our studios on South 1st street with sirens and lights going. I asked everybody on my Facebook page if anyone knew what was going on.

Apparently, Abilene Police Department were on there way to Sweetwater, to help the police there with a standoff situation that ended fatally.

According to Big Country Homepage, Sweetwater Police Chief Brian Frieda confirmed that 50-year-old Michael Berry was shot and killed by officers after Berry fired shots at them.

During the standoff, one of our listeners, Kevin Wright, was on the scene, and shared photos and some short videos on his Facebook page. The videos do not contain in graphic images. It shows the SWAT team and other officers preparing to go in on the suspect.

Short Videos of Standoff

Pictures of Standoff

Photo By Kevin Wright
Photo By Kevin Wright
Photo By Kevin Wright

According to police, Michael Berry had allegedly stolen some construction equipment and had just gotten out of jail from that offense, when he stole another piece of construction equipment.

After officers cut the power to the trailer Berry was in to lure him out, officers began firing tear gas into the home. That's when Berry fired shots at officers who returned fire, killing the 50-year old.

Special thanks to Kevin Wright for providing the videos and pictures.