How do you think a bully should be handled? If you live in Monona, Wisconsin and your kid bullies another kid, you could get fined! The city just passed an ordinance that will FINE parents if their kids are bullies.

The fine for the first offense is $114 and if it keeps happening then it's $177 every time after that! Parents will get a 90 day warning first and if you can't get your kid under control then you hit with the fine.

The ordinance officially bans anyone over age 12 from, quote, "intimidating, emotionally abusing, slandering, threatening, or intimidating another person without legitimate purpose."

According to Wisconsin State Journal:

Much of the work on the parent-liability clause — the unique aspect of the ordinance — was done by Monona Det. Sgt. Ryan Losby, who shepherded the ordinance through a year-long city review process. Losby said he was motivated by research showing almost all of the recent school shootings in the country were committed by students who felt they were victims of bullying.


via Monona police can now cite parents for a child's bullying : Wsj.