The potato has got to be the most popular veggie in the world! 

Potatoes have been around for a long time! According to Wikipedia:

The potato was first domesticated in the region of modern-day southern Peru and extreme northwestern Bolivia[5] between 8000 and 5000 BC.[6] I

According to conservative estimates, the introduction of the potato was responsible for a quarter of the growth in Old World population and urbanization between 1700 and 1900.[28] Following the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire, the Spanish introduced the potato to Europe in the second half of the 16th century. The staple was subsequently conveyed by European mariners to territories and ports throughout the world. The potato was slow to be adopted by distrustful European farmers, but soon enough it became an important food staple and field crop that played a major role in the European 19th century population boom


You can prepare potatoes so many different ways. How do you like your taters?

You can go to for all kinds of delicious potato recipes!

via Potato - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.