I've said many times that some people have way too much time on their hands. Just when I start to think otherwise, I come across a video like the one I'm sharing with you here. This is a man who takes too much time on his hands, and sends it to a level that mere mortal time-wasters could only dream of achieving.

Meet Eric Buss and his 'Bubble Wrap Bike'. You'll see Eric in this video showing off his colossal waste of time on (what used to be) a quiet suburban street. This is one of those inventions that will NOT have you kicking yourself for coming up with it first.

A couple of nice touches include Eric hanging his tongue out through the ride, and the follow-up comment, "Give me a call.". I'm not sure what I'd say to Mr. Buss, so I won't. Boy, am I glad I'm not - and never will be - this guy's neighbor.

What's your impression of the Bubble Wrap Bike?