Alright guys, you've been patiently waiting for something like Pinterest...but for dudes. Well, you don't have to wait any longer, thanks to Manteresting. On Pinterest, you 'pin' stuff, like recipes, on your 'pinboard'. Well, on Manteresting, instead of a pinboard, you have a workbench and instead of pinning recipes, you're nailing dude stuff, like pictures of hot women. So, instead of pinning that recipe for creme' brulee, you're 'nailing' Mila Kunis to your workbench.

Dudes everywhere rejoice.

Now, this site isn't just about hot chicks, there's also cool stuff like do-it-yourself tutorials, sports and outdoors stuff, cars and other dude stuff.

Best of all, you don't have to close your browser next time someone walks into your office because you're scared you'd be caught 'pinning' something.

To make sure this site was cool for all dudes, I went ahead and created an account. If my wife is reading this, just know the account is purely for research babe.

Ladies, you've got Pinterest and we've got Manteresting.