Miss Utah, Marissa Powell, was vying for the crown of Miss USA a couple of nights ago when she made the biggest boo boo of all. She fumbled with her answer to a question posed to her. She immediately became the butt of many jokes and the video of that one moment went viral.

Last night Jimmy Kimmel gave her the chance to explain her answer and redeem herself. Which she did. She says she just got caught up in the moment and didn't process the question she was asked. She just started speaking and then couldn't take any of it back so she smiled and just went with it. Once she explained what happened Jimmy gave her the chance to sing her answer instead of just recite it, since that is her 'talent'.

She came in third in the competition. Maybe it was because of her answer, maybe not, but she's on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the crowned winner is not! Who came out on top?