Dale Earnhardt Jr. may not be as intimidating as his late father, but judging by the helmet that was recently unveiled on his Facebook page for 2014, at least he may look the part. Check out his new National Guard helmet for next year which features some killer looking skulls.

I was a huge Dale Earnhardt fan ever since I started watching NASCAR. And, when Dale Sr died, I naturally switched over to Dale Jr when he was dominating the Busch Series (now called the Nationwide series) with consecutive championships. He looked like he was on the path to be as great as his father was. But, throughout his career, he has never showed signs of being intimidating  like his old man was.

Maybe this new helmet will change all of that in 2014?

Whatever happens, he still has one killer looking helmet to wear next year.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Facebook

What do you think of Jr's new helmet?