One of the coolest things about checking out a NASCAR race is some of the scanner activity you hear. Well, with Race Hub: Radioactive, fans can get an inside look at the scanner traffic from this past weekend's race at Richmond.

I've been a fan of NASCAR for several years now. Whether I watch it on TV, or go to the races at Texas Motor Speedway, one thing I like to do is listen to the scanner activity. It makes the races that much more interesting by letting you hear the drivers talk to their crew in a raw form. TV will edit out a lot of what the drivers say, especially if the drivers start cursing and being all ticked off. With scanners, you get to hear everything.

The video you are about to watch recaps the race last weekend at Richmond with drivers scanner activity that wasn't heard on the broadcast of the race, courtesy of Fox Sports.

I think it's pretty cool to hear the conversations, so I thought I would share.

Watch Race Hub: Radioactive