All things considered, the last decade has been one of the more stable and harmonious stretches of Motley Crue's career -- which, ironically, might be part of why multiple members have been giving so much thought to laying the group to rest.

Bassist Nikki Sixx is the latest to add to the retirement chorus, telling Loudwire that "We haven’t been shy that Motley Crue has been talking about somewhere in the near future doing a farewell tour. We talked about it on ‘Piers Morgan’ and different interviews."

And although the band has proven susceptible to squabbling and lineup turnover in the past, Sixx says everything's fine on that front. "It’s not that we hate each other or we don’t work together well," he explained. "I think it’s just at some point we want to leave it with some sort of a legacy that’s leaving it in a good way. I just see some bands that keep f--ing beating a dead horse and I’m like, ‘Get off the horse, dude, it’s dead.’"

Describing Motley Crue as being at "one of our highest points we’ve been" following their Vegas residency and co-headlining world tour with Kiss, Sixx went on to describe his fantasy retirement scenario: "I would like to see us even climb higher by seeing us finish our movie, an album and then maybe announcing a farewell tour and going out at the top. It would be a really nice look."

As for that next album, Sixx says "We’ve been writing. We started the record with the song 'Sex' and I have a ton of riffs. I know Mick [Mars] has told me he has a ton of riffs and it’s just a matter of now collecting riffs. For a while, it was only writing segments of music and getting together and collaborating but now I’m starting to finish music more like I used to more -- like I used to in the old days -- and finish it top to bottom. So I look forward to getting in the room with my band and going, ‘Here’s 10 of my ideas, what have you got?’ and then we kind of let that process happen."