I was thinking about pet peeves today. You know, those little things that people do or things that happen and it just totally annoys you! OMG, I didn't realize how many I have :/ Here are some of my pet peeves! Tell us your biggest pet peeves!

1. People that write checks at the grocery store. Really checks? Who writes checks anymore!

2. People that take up 2 parking spots!

3. Slow walkers at the store!

4. Fax machines. Remember when we thought these were lighting fast?

5. People that go the speed limit! I mean the EXACT speed limit.

6. Drivers that don't use turn signals.

7. Texting during a movie. That little bitty smartphone screen is SO bright!

8. Bad customer service! Really, no excuse! What you don't want customers?

9. People that refer to themselves in the 3rd person.

10. Getting tagged in a picture on Facebook, when everyone else looks great and you look like a monster!

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