Pink didn't just perform with No Doubt at the iHeart Radio Music Festival -- she also performed her own set and pretty much showed everyone else how it's done.

Pink sported a sheer blue tank under a black motorcycle jacket, a black skirt, black stockings, black boots and a tiny black bow on the back of her platinum blonde mohawk, giving an adorably girly touch to her edgy attire. Seriously, how cute and bada-- is this woman? It's not an easy balance to achieve, but she nails it.

Something else Pink nailed? Her vocals. While many of her pop peers delivered somewhat lackluster vocal performances at the festival, this particular CoverGirl spokeswoman demonstrated why her career has lasted this long: The woman can sing her toned behind off.

Pink entered the arena singing 'Raise Your Glass,' which is one of the best songs to energize a crowd. She followed with the midtempo ballad 'Just Like a Pill,' an interesting juxtaposition between having a good time and having a chemical dependency. She followed with another similarly toned track, 'Try,' which will be her second single off of 'The Truth About Love.' She further demonstrated her vocal prowess on 'F---in' Perfect,' during which she flubbed her lyrics, telling the crowd, "I just messed up ... I told you guys I'd do it!" She also chuckled at her uncensored lyrics, explaining, "My daughter's asleep. I can say that."

The proud mama continued her PottyMouth-lite streak with the lead single from 'The Truth About Love,' 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss),' and the track posed some technical issues for the songstress, evident when she asked, "Am I in the right key now?" Despite the mishaps, she never stopped singing and her actual performance never really suffered. Towards the conclusion of the track, lingerie-clad dancers dressed as giant red lips danced around Pink, reminiscent of her 2012 MTV Video Music Awards performance (but without the acrobatics). She disappeared shortly before the end of the song (which had an extended guitar solo), leading many to wonder where on Earth she went.

Turns out, she was being strapped into a harness to fly around the arena for her closer of 'So What.' The starlet managed to sing even while doing backflips in the air. Some of Pink's contemporaries may want to learn a thing or two -- while other artists barely sing while dancing onstage, she still manages to belt her songs out while upside down and 20 feet above the ground.