I never thought I'd see this day; my final car payment!! It's been six years but I finally did it and I'm so excited and feel a great deal of satisfaction. Six years ago my old car, an Oldsmobile Cutlass, decided to leave this earth. It was a great car and I loved it. It was comfortable, reliable and was my first big purchase after graduating college. It was time though, it had a good life, but it did leave me in a bit of a bind.

It had been in the shop and they basically to told me they put a band aid on it and weren't sure how long it would run. Well, it got me from N.Walnut to S. Butternut and just died. It started sputtering, smoking and I barely got into a parking lot before it just quit. So that's when the hunt for a new car was on.

I didn't have time to really shop around and I ended up finding a Dodge Charger that I fell in love with and purchased. I think it was maybe the 3rd car I looked at but I had to have it. It looked sporty, sleek and fast. (Not that I drive fast).

Today I make my final payment on my car. I own it. I feel a sense of satisfaction in making six years of payments, never late, never missed. It's good to have some extra cash in my pocket now too. So here is to completing a long task and making the 'pay-off'!!