I told you last week that I was carrying on the tradition of Easter egg hunting that my grandmother started when I was a kid. My boyfriends son is almost 14 but still has fun hunting Easter eggs, especially if there's money involved.

I was pulling change and some dollar bills out of my purse getting ready to stuff the little eggs when Jace's grandmother decided to join in the fun. We stuffed about 40 little eggs then my mom and I hid them all over the backyard.

Jace came outside wearing a special 'egg hunting' outfit. He had fun and we did too. We laughed at him completely overlooking some of the eggs we hid; you'll notice the camo egg hidden in the umbrella in one of the pictures below. They were in plain site but his powers of observation were completely down.

I think our egg hunt was a big hit for everyone. I know I had fun. I've got to keep my skills up in case I ever have nieces or nephews!