A 29 year old, blind woman has never seen a baby. However, with the help of a new pair of smart glasses she has not only seen a baby now, it's her very own baby. Kathy Beitz has been legally blind for more than 18 years now (since age 11) due to a genetic disorder. She still has a little peripheral vision but has a blind spot in the center of her vision. She had never seen a baby before, but was about to give birth to her own child.

New technology was about to help Kathy see what she never imagined possible. With the help of a new pair of glasses, called eSight smart glasses, Kathy was about to be able to see her newborn. The glasses allow you to see with a magnified video-projection within the glasses. The screen gives the person the ability to adjust brightness and shadows and make out images more clearly. It does not help those with total blindness but it can help those with impairments like Kathy.

She was able to see her baby's lips, which she says look like hers, and his feet and toes. Kathy was admittedly overwhelmed by the experience and says she can now a little more independence, she can read to her baby and do things she wouldn't normally be able to.

The glasses aren't cheap though, costing $15,000 a pair. Beitz is fundraising to pay for the device so she can keep them.

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