Chances are that a baby's first word will be "Dadda." Sorry Mom, Mamma came in a close second.

The survey done a couple of years ago also reported that 'Cat' and 'Beer' made the list as well. Now that started me thinkin'! I'm sure that there have got to be some funny first, second or third words that came out of a baby's mouth, where everyone was like "What?"

So, let's hear it! Remember though, if it's a colorful word then do your best to just give us the clean version!

it found that 15% of those questioned said their child's first word was "dadda" while 10% listed "mamma" as the first word. Some 2% of parents listed "cat" as their child's first word. Girls were quicker to put two words together, according to the poll, with 22% able to do so by their first birthday. Only 16% of boys had mastered this trick by the age of 1.

via New survey shows 'dadda' most likely to be baby's first word, but 'beer' and 'cat' also reported - NY Daily News.