It's been almost twenty years since Wong Kar Wai directed 1994's kung-fu epic 'Ashes of Time,' a film that nearly broke the filmmaker and sent him off to direct 'Chungking Express' in a flurry of creativity that helped create the Wong Kar Wai we know today. Though his post-production process on 'The Grandmaster' was almost as long, it didn't seem to cause a spin-off movie. Still, the trailer for 'The Grandmaster' looks amazing.

What The Weinstein Company is hoping is the hook of the film works. It's about Yip Man (played by WKW's longtime leading man Tony Leung), also known as Ip Man, who is famous for having trained Bruce Lee. And as everyone loves Bruce Lee, maybe that means people will actually see the film. It's also likely they want audiences to think of previous crossover Hong Kong hits like 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' and 'Hero' (especially 'Hero'), but that's marketing for you.

But where earlier trailers played up the big rain-soaked action sequence, here we get a greater look at the film, and more of its locations and characters.The film is partly about the relationship between Yip Man and Gong Er (Ziyi Zhang), which ties into the romantic longing of Wong Kar Wai's previous works. We can't wait. 'The Grandmaster' is set to open in theaters August 23.