Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Proof that the Rolling Stones are just like us or maybe that they're getting older, which is dare I say, still just like us. A hotel rider, which is a list of things or demands that a group or artist wants, was released from the Rolling Stones latest tour.

According to TMZ the demands aren't really that demanding considering it is from rock royalty. Mostly the requests just show that the guys still like to party. Some of the things include:

  • The hotel bar to stay open 24/7
  • Black out the windows so they can party or sleep all hours of the day and night.
  • Tons of cigarettes

The one thing that makes us realize these guys aren't as young as they used to be is their request for written directions on all the electronic devices in their rooms.

On second thought maybe they just don't feel like fighting with a smart T.V. for 30 minutes at every hotel. Can you blame them? Nope, me nether.  So, guys just text me if you need some help. I'd be happy to study up and show you how to work that smart T.V.