Duck Dynasty is without a doubt one of the biggest television shows in history, but it wasn't always good living, and good times for the Robertsons. This is something you NEED to see,

As much as we laugh at the antics of the Robertson family on their super popular "Duck Dynasty" show, and all of the videos of family members speaking at different events, this is probably one of the most powerful videos about how real these reality t.v. stars are.

Struggles with alcohol and lawlessness, drugs, and suicidal tendencies have all played a part in the story of the family we have all come to feel like we know. These are some of the dark paths that have affected people we all know in one way or another.

The story of this family, and them sharing these darkest moments in their lives, is just more proof as to how this family survives not on the duck call business alone, they not only survive but they thrived because of the family itself, along with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Though, the selling a million duck calls this year does help a lot.)