The new '60s music explosion-inspired film 'Not Fade Away' opens in select theaters this coming Friday (Dec. 21). Ultimate Classic Rock is pleased to bring you an exclusive premiere of the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards-penned song 'Ride on Baby' as performed by the Twylight Zones, the fictional band featured in the movie.

'Not Fade Away,' set in 1964, focuses on a group of friends who decide to form a rock band after watching the Stones appear on television, and follows their journey into the world of rock and roll. The movie has some major players behind the scenes, as 'The Sopranos' creator David Chase and Bruce Springsteen guitarist Steven Van Zandt helped craft the film and secure the music used on its soundtrack.

The film stars John Magaro and Jack Huston as members of the Twylight Zones. Both actors recorded their own vocals for the soundtrack, including their work on 'Ride on Baby.' The song is a perfect fit for the soundtrack as it sounds like it was recorded in that era, even though the actors and musicians laid down the cut in present day.

Van Zandt says, "David Chase realizes that in film, like Bruce Springsteen in music, the more detailed, accurate, and nuanced the personal vision, the more compelling the work ends up being. Helping David realize his vision was one of the most satisfying projects of my life. Watching these young actors meet every challenge we threw at them was also quite inspiring." Chase added, “Music is obviously the soul of this film. And working on the music, especially with Steven, was certainly (my) favorite part. John Magaro and Jack Huston sing on these tracks and they really stand up.”

'Ride on Baby' does not appear in the film, but is part of the movie's soundtrack along with six other tracks from The Twylight Zones and cuts from the Rolling Stones, the Moody Blues, the Small Faces, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Bo Diddley among others.

The soundtrack arrives digitally tomorrow (Dec. 18) and can be purchased here. The movie opens in select theaters this Friday (Dec. 21). Check out a trailer of the film here.

Listen to The Twylight Zones' 'Ride on Baby'