Regardless of the AMC showrunner drama plaguing the series, 'The Walking Dead' is poised to continue its season 3 hot-streak with February 10 return "The Suicide King," kicking the battle between Woodbury and the prison into high gear. We've already seen a few casualties to that battle, and a few body parts lost, but a new poster for the acclaimed AMC action-drama's return teases the deadliest episodes yet! Get an eyeful of the bad-ass new 'Walking Dead' season 3 poster inside!

While David Morrissey's villainous Governor didn't initially resemble his deranged comic counterpart, AMC's mid-season finale "Made to Suffer" substituted an eye with both a shard of glass, and an increase in sadism sure to reverberate throughout the back half of the new season. To that end, AMC has released a bad-ass new poster teasing the battle between Rick and the Governor, marked by the ominous tagline "An Eye For An Eye"!

Surely Rick will have a number of body parts at stake, considering Merle (Michael Rooker) will likely still seek some kind of vengeance for the loss of his his own hand, assuming he survives his Woodbury arena predicament. The Governor is sure to focus much of his vengeance on Michonne as well, the real source of his now-monocular vision.

Check out AMC's new poster for 'The Walking Dead' season 3 below, and give us your predictions for when the show returns February 10 in the comments!