According to the San Angelo Connection, there have been reports of thieves near San Angelo, Texas posing as stranded motorists,then robbing those that try to help them. In fact, the San Angelo Police Department released an alert earlier today (July 8, 2014).

Community Alert:  The San Angelo Police Department has an important message for you about recent reports of thieves posing as stranded motorists and preying upon the goodwill of others, then robbing them when they offer assistance.

Irion County Sheriff Officials confirmed two separate incidents where unsuspecting victims stopped to help what appeared to be a stalled vehicle with two Hispanic female occupants.  Both victims reported that as they offered help, a third suspect, a Hispanic male who was hiding nearby, jumped out and rushed them.  One victim was robbed of money.  The other victim was able to drive off just prior to the act.

Both victims described the suspect vehicle as a small, red passenger car.

San Angelo Police recommend calling law enforcement when you see a stranded motorist to avoid a criminal opportunity.  Please share this alert with others.  If you have any information about the identity of the suspects please call the Irion County Sheriff’s Office at 325-835-2551.

Even though this report is out of San Angelo, I think it's important to always be alert about things like this no matter where you live. What is really messed up about this, is that it will definitely make people think twice about helping those that truly need it.

Let's just hope these thieves will be caught soon.