Every time I see one of these new prototypes I realize how close we are to 'flying cars' and being like the Jetson's. This tiny car doesn't fly but it sure has some other awesome features, like self drive and parallel parking. Check it out. Again, this EO Smart Connecting Car 2 is only a prototype at this point but it sure could be reality before long. The car is made for busy, crowded cities like New York, San Francisco or L.A. but how awesome would it be to have one of these.

The car is fully automatic and can even be set to drive it's self so you can relax, text, read a newspaper or catch up on work. It can connect or link-up to other EO 2's, in a train car like manor, and can parallel park by shifting the wheels to a 90 degree angle.The wheel turning radius also means the car can drive sideways.

The car only weighs a little over 1500 lbs. and can change size ranging from 8.2 to 4.9 feet and is fully electric. For more details on this little smart car concept check out the Mashable website.